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About us

Our many years of experience in the field of automation and engineering and successful business in foreign and domestic markets have distinguished us as one of the leading companies in the field of automation.

Our employees in the company have highly professional knowledge and behind us is a large number of successfully implemented projects


AIT Group d.o.o. is a private company founded in 2003. The main activity of the company since its inception is engineering and automation in the field of HVAC (Air conditioning Heating Cooling)

AIT Group d.o.o. has a Solution Partner of Siemens certificate in the field of BAU (Building Automation) and HVP (Heating Ventilation Products), so our solutions are primarily based on the latest generation equipment from the program of Siemens Building Technologies.The engineering experience we have enables us to provide solutions for the most technologically demanding systems and maximum productivity.

For automatic control and management systems, we provide each employee with a wide range of services, such as monitoring, analysis and optimization of electricity consumption, which are individually configured for each individual customer in order to meet individual needs. Applied solutions bring

Our solutions are designed to offer you complete engineering and turnkey solutions that include:

Analysis and consulting
Expert advice to users, project task proposal, specification and selection of equipment and materials for the preparation of tender documentation, communication and supervisory management scheme.

HVAC and other systems for the needs of general purpose facilities, home installations, business facilities, district heating and for the needs of pharmaceutical factories in compliance with all valid GMP and FDA standards, as well as GAMP 5 recommendations and conditions for safe implementation of DQ (design Qualification). Electric power, telecommunication and signal installations, electricity distribution, lighting, electric motor drive and automatic control.

The solution
Which guarantees full compliance with customer requirements by applying state-of-the-art technologies in order to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system
Preparation of technical documentation, main and construction projects. Development of schemes of operation and connection of motor drive cabinets, schemes of operation and connection of automation cabinets, application schemes, technical documentation of delivered peripheral elements, diagram of the performed condition after the completion of the facility and validation documentation. Validation documentation includes:

  • PSQP () defines the activities that will be done on the development of CSNU in accordance with GMP recommendations
  • URS () defines automation requirements and describes the required functions as well as conditions in terms of hardware and software, work environment, quality of qualifications, training and service
  • FS () describes the functions provided at the automation level, a complete description of how the system works.
  • HDS () hardware specification with a description of how it is configured. List of equipment in the field, all elements with markings from the project, list of controllers and modules…
  • SDS () describes how the whole system is designed at the software level, especially at the level of PLC and CSNU. General description of the system, which includes a schematic representation and topology of the system, PLC-CSNU communication, drivers, software and firmware versions.
  • FAT () software and hardware configuration check, testing of PLC and related I / O modules in order to eliminate possible errors at an early stage.
  • SAT () checks hardware and connections between PLC and peripherals via I / O module
  • IQ () proving the parameters installed on the object through tests. It includes calibration certificates, hardware, list of all signals (DI, DO, AI, AO), basic software (OS, XWORKS, DESIGO, program and firmware versions), all addresses in the PLC and all graphic pages on the CSNU
  • OQ () proving a functional specification through various tests. Tests include alarms for all critical measurements (T, Rh, Pa), all alarms on climate chambers, all sensors
  • Calibration documentation (sensor calibration, first calorimeter measurement

Development of control and SCADA software
Development of management software with which the system behaves in accordance with the requirements and development of a central system for monitoring and management of the facility. Production of motor drive cabinets and automation cabinets.

Delivery, installation and connection of equipment in the field, scheming and installation of cabinets at the project-defined place, electrical connection of automatic control cabinets with peripheral elements and with electrical distribution cabinets. Commissioning of automatic control cabinets, testing of peripheral elements and cable connections.

Signal testing and parameterization of programmable devices, measurement and verification of parameters, starting of peripheral elements of automation, connection of CSNU and functional testing, parameterization of frequency regulators and other integration devices.

Training course
The training is performed with technical instructions adapted to the facility and technical documentation of peripheral elements installed on the facility so that the client has all the necessary tools for easy management of all systems and for work control.

System maintenance provides preventive and corrective measures in order to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of the system. Assistance with planned overhaul, diagnostics of electrical equipment or device failures and bringing the equipment into the designed functional condition. We have remote access to CSNU at all facilities so we are able to provide you with support from our offices whenever you need it.

Electrical cabinets

Production of electrical cabinets for all your needs.

Automation of exhibit storage devices

We can enable you to preserve delicate elements such as exhibits with the automation of the device for storing exhibits

Fast and professional installation

Do you want a smart home and automation of a residential or commercial building?
We will offer you the best solution!