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AIT Group d.o.o. has a Solution Partner of Siemens certificate in the field of BAU (Building Automation) and HVP (Heating Ventilation Products), so that our solutions are primarily based on the latest generation equipment from the Siemens Building Technologies program

Symaro sensors and limiters

  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, speed, air quality
  • Duct and room installation
  • With or without display
  • With and without transmitter
  • Calibration certificates
  • Pressure switches, hygrostats and thermostats

Flow meters and calorimeters

  • Ultrasonic calorimeters
  • Electronic calorimeters
  • Water meters
  • Energy consumption divider
  • With and without communication
  • Energy billing software

Valves and valve actuators - Acvatix

  • Electromotor valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Butterfly flaps
  • Combi valves
  • Radiator valves

Frequency regulators

  • Integrated PID controller
  • Direct connection of LG-NI1000 sensors
  • Cascade pump control
  • Multi-fan control
  • Fire-fighting functions
  • Built-in BOP and EMC class B filter

Dumper starters

  • Continuous
  • Two-point and three-point
  • With and without return spring
  • Setting the min and max positions
  • Fire dumpers


  • Synco 200
  • Synco 700
  • RVD
  • PXC 100.D
  • PXC 200.D
  • TX-I/O Modules
  • KONEX, Lon communication, M-bus, Ethernet