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Total Building Solutions (TBS) – intelligent, integrated infrastructure solutions that ensure the comfort, productivity and security of your facilities

Individual elements of the technical infrastructure are renovated in pre-determined periods during the service life of the facility, which always ensures the application of the latest technologies. This increases the reliability of the system, improves the operational security of the facility and protects investments.

Building Automation – BAU Building Automation (Building Automation)

Siemens product range for air conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation and district heating systems. Building automation for optimal comfort and sustainable energy efficiency. When it comes to building automation, Siemens offers customers comprehensive solutions, systems, products and services in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shutter activation, both for individual rooms and for the building as a whole.

DESIGO – Offers its customers extended system functionality in intelligent building. An open system of great flexibility and security regarding communication standards of information technologies with an efficient possibility of modernization of existing systems

CSNU –Central Monitoring and Management System
We offer intelligent facility management using a central monitoring control system. Our solutions enable remote control of water supply systems, monitoring and collection of data on consumed energy and a constant selection of the best energy sources.